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Groundnut oil


Bull driven REAL Cold pressed oils.


Bull driven oil is the REAL Cold pressed oils.

Our Groundnut Oil is extracted from country groundnuts by Traditional wooden((Mara Chekku)) cold press(Bull driven wooden ghani/chekku) method. There is no heat produced/generated while oil extracting which resulting in good taste, healthy and complete nutritious oil. This oil is Kept in Sunlight for 5 Days for the Sediments to get Settle. Cold pressed groundnut oil has deep yellow colour with pleasant nutty aroma and sweet taste.

The groundnut oil is unrefined and 100% chemical free, which ensures the purest for healthy cooking. Groundnut oil is low in saturated fats, free from cholesterol and trans-fat, contains essential fatty acid (linoleic acid –omega-6) making it as one of the healthiest cooking oil.

First Product which you need to change in your Kitchen is Your Cooking Oil. Use Our Real (Bull-Driven) Cold Pressed Oils, there is no heat generated while oil extracting which resulting in good taste, healthy and more nutritious oil. It’s Good for Your Family & Live Healthy!

Alternative Names: Groundnut oil / Kadalenai




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